30th March 2019

VMware useful resources

VMware useful resources

I put together a presentation not so long ago that focused on some key resources that are publicised to varying levels by VMware.  There are some real gems kicking around,  In addition of course to some of the resources I’ve published,  if you know where to look 🙂


VMware Skyline

You owe it too yourself to investigate the use of skyline in your estates, proactive outage alerts and reporting….. and free to premier support customers, why wouldn’t you want that?

VMware Hands On Labs

These need no introduction…  take a lab, follow the guide don’t follow the guide, VMware don’t mind either way.

VMware training – Learning Zone

NSX Training (Free) – Networking and Security Architecture with VMware NSX

Training, some free some paid, take a look

VMware Validated Design

If you are refreshing your data centre with VMware technology and not utilising the VVDs, then you are reinventing the wheel and wasting your own time.  use these as a base starting point if nothing else.

CloudHealth – cross cloud management and operations

We’re told the future is multi-cloud, if you want to avoid cloud operational silos, you need to get a tool that can manage across them all.

vROPs sizing Tool

You should conduct a sizing assessment of your vROPs estate at least every 12 months – this tool lets you do just that.

vSAN Sizing tool

Thinking of HCI, this tool gives you the low down on cluster sizing.


Licensing Oracle on VMware?  lots to read above!

Digital Workspace Tech Zone,

Do you do EUC?  VMware does EUC and the tech zone is where you can learn all about it.

Hope that theres some useful stuff there.