VCP-NV2020 how to pass your exam

VCP-NV2020 how to pass your exam

Who am I?

Firstly, hello, my name is Eleanor, I am a 24 year old women working for VMware.

I passed my VCP-NV 2020 recently and thought it might be helpful to write a couple of posts about it.

Getting Started

Starting with what to use to revise for the exam.It’s important to understand the Fundamentals in networking before beginning this journey. Once you have those you need a good grounding in NSX (obviously) there are quite a few different ways to do this you can do your own research, Reading articles, blog posts, watching videos on YouTube all of which I suggest doing but a faster or more efficient way to do this is to take some of VMware’s courses. The ones I undertook were NSX-T Data Center: Install, Configure, Manage and NSX-T Data Center: Troubleshooting and Operations. (you are required to attend at least one) I did the exam in 2.4 however they have recently released a new version of the exam for 3.0 as well as Beta courses in 3.0.

Real life experience

Once you’ve taken these courses I would suggest setting up a lab environment as this is one of the only real ways that you get to fully immerse yourself in NSX-T.

What to Practice

  • Some key revision points for the Exam:
    know your commands!!! You could get asked what the correct command is for completing a task.
  • Know your file locations, where is a particular file stored (check those locations properly!)
  • Understand the terminology used!