20th July 2020

VCP How to Set up at Home

VCP How to Set up at Home

In my other recent blog post I’ve spoken about how to pass your VCP and some revision tips. In this post, I want to discuss actually sitting the exam itself.

Due to the current pandemic, Pearson Vue are currently allowing you to take your VCP test at home, instead of going into a test centre. In my opinion, this can be incredibly beneficial as it reduces the impact on you (less travel and inconvenience) and alternatively you can take it from the comfort of your own home.

Pearson Vue do provide some help and advice on what you need to do prior to taking your VCP exam. Firstly, you need to download an application from Pearson Vue. This will ask you to close all of your applications before you can open their application. Next, they run you through some initial tests, including testing the microphone and camera. But to be fully prepared for the exam, I feel like there are some other noteworthy points:

1) Make sure you have your passport or driving licence available- you will be asked to take a picture of this.

2) Start setting up for the exam 30 to 45 minutes before, as I was surprised how long it took to get ready for it. Bear in mind- you will have to take photos of the whole of the room you are taking the exam in (4 pictures: front, back, left and right).

3) Take all electronic devices, e.g. monitors, laptops and phones, out of the room. If your monitors cannot be removed, make sure they are unplugged.

4) No notepads and pens are allowed for note taking. To take notes on, there is an icon in the test on the top right-hand corner.

5) If you have any whiteboards, paper etc on the walls with writing on these will need to be removed or rubbed out.

6) If you have water in the room, make sure it’s in a clear container or bottle, without a label on.

Above all make sure you are relaxed and calm. Good Luck!