17th May 2017

TOGAF revision and waiting for Ravello


I’m rubbish at waiting.  I got everything in place yesterday downloaded VMware ISOs. Drew up a rough plan for initial deployment.  But now I’m waiting.  So whilst I’m waiting for an account at Ravello.  I assume i’m waiting for an account.  Although I can’t be sure as I’ve had no notification emails or any indication that anybody is looking into it.  It might be that I have to make alternate plans for the home lab!

TOGAF Revision

I’ve been working my way stoically through the QA course material, but it’s not exactly an easy read, which is a real problem revision.  In fact many times it’s anything but an easy read.  That’s not a fault of QA, it’s the material.  If there is one thing I’ve learnt about TOGAF is that the language doesn’t exactly flow.  It’s not exactly crafted by Gaimen, Kerouac or Shakespeare  although I would gladly accept Dante at times.  The language at times is functional at best, hammered together at worst.  Still the material must be learnt if I’ve any chance to pass.

So added to my revision strategies of reading the material, taking practice test from the open arch and drawing out the ADM framework from memory;

I’ve managed to pick up a copy of TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam Study Guide: For busy architects who need to learn TOGAF 9 quickly.  The books own blurb;

“This independent guide to the TOGAF 9 Level 1 Foundation examination concentrates solely on the syllabus subjects for the exam. It cuts the TOGAF documentation down to size allowing you to concentrate on the specific areas you need to study. The guide doesn’t skimp: it contains over 200 questions on the full range of topics in the syllabus to ensure that you will have confidence in answering the exam as you work through the guide. If you are currently struggling to wade through the 750 pages of TOGAF documentation, or just want to understand the TOGAF 9 Foundation subjects quickly, then the TOGAF 9 Foundation Exam Study Guide is what you need to help you.”

So far all I can say is that this book has been a much easier read that the original content.  I feel like it’s providing an insight into the material and the examination process that I hope will prove useful.  In any case it’s certainly got more chance of being read a couple of times before the examination, unlike the original content and training material!

Still if you want to read the original material be my guest!