19th September 2020

TAM Lab YouTube channel

I work as a VMware TAM, an organisation within VMware with a sole focus to use it’s super powers to help customers achieve great things with their investments in VMware technology.  Outside of the day job it also fosters a community that are always super keen to share best practices and neat ideas with anyone who’ll listen.  One of the projects that is run by the VMware TAM teams is the TAM Lab YouTube channel.

TAM Lab YouTube Channel

TAM Lab was founded with the following purpose and mission.

“The purpose of TAM Lab is to provide in-depth technology workshop sessions led by VMware Technical Account Managers (TAMs) to enable a culture of learning and partnership across the VMware organization and our customers. TAM Lab provides a platform for all to be hands-on with VMware and non-VMware technologies that will enable a stronger customer delivery through product knowledge and a greater technical resource network. All TAM Lab sessions are recorded for the purpose of creating a reference library for on-demand learning and enablement.”

You can hear Steve Tilkens presenting more about the TAM Lab mission in the following TAM Lab Program Overview

Since inception back in October 2019, what a great library of Labs it’s created.  You can find a lab covering almost any aspect of the VMware portfolio.

Here’s a brief example of some of the labs;

TAM Lab 030 – Chaos testing with VMware Mangle presented by Nico Guerrera


TAM Lab 055 – Step by Step Creation of a VMC on AWS SDDC presented by Sean Lambert


TAM Lab 070 – Creating a Custom Health Check for NSX-T Environments presented by Eleanor Abbiss (who is also an author on this blog, check out her stuff here)


TAM Lab 073 – Learn Super Metrics and be a vRealize Operations Hero presented by Varghese Philipose


lastly, how could I not list my first contribution to the TAM Lab library!

TAM Lab 046 – Extending Application Discovery in vSphere with VMware Tools 11 presented by Me! and Dean Lewis


I meant it when I said it, Labs covering almost any aspect of the VMware portfolio.

You can find all of the listings for the always brilliant and always free content at the following link TAM Lab YouTube Channel