Extending Application Discovery in vSphere with VMware Tools 11

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Application Discovery I read with great interest the recent article from William Lam regarding application discovery being included in VMware Tools version 11.  I’ve worked for many organisations in the past where having access to this information has been crucial for both strategic planning and operational activities.  Previously to get that information to support those activities I’ve used tools such as invoke-script or agents already installed on servers to run scripts that return the required… Read More »Extending Application Discovery in vSphere with VMware Tools 11

Troubleshooting and Recovery Planning

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When there is an outage, it is natural to panic a little and maybe try a rush troubleshooting steps.  In my experience this is oftentimes counterproductive.  Symptoms can often be missed as the root cause, which has the net effect of extending the time to resolution.  So where would I suggest is the best place to start, well that in part depends on the symptoms.  However, the log files will tell you everything that you need to know.

Skyline Collector connect vCenter Server

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Skyline Collector connect vCenter Server Working with a customer last week I came across an interesting gotcha when connecting the Skyline Collector to vCenter. I picked up the case as the customer was having difficulty gathering logs for a case raised with VMware GSS, they couldn’t log into the console of the collector as root and were not clear how to extract logs even if they could login. Resetting the root password So firstly I… Read More »Skyline Collector connect vCenter Server

VMware Health Analyser – Top finds easy fixes

Part of the VMware TAM service are Best Practice Reviews, enabled in many cases by the VMware Health Analyser tool.  This post is a list of the top five configuration and best practice issues I typically encounter, and how you can resolve them within your estates. Use persistent and remote syslog logging to improve manageability “Remote logging both persistently on each host and to a central host (syslog server) can greatly improve administration and management.… Read More »VMware Health Analyser – Top finds easy fixes

VMware useful resources

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VMware useful resources I put together a presentation not so long ago that focused on some key resources that are publicised to varying levels by VMware.  There are some real gems kicking around,  In addition of course to some of the resources I’ve published,  if you know where to look 🙂 Resources VMware Skyline https://www.vmware.com/uk/support/services/skyline.html You owe it too yourself to investigate the use of skyline in your estates, proactive outage alerts and reporting….. and… Read More »VMware useful resources

Data Centre Hybridity VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension

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Data Centre Hybridity VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension Earlier on this year VMware announced Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX).  The release and subsequent detail about the service has been a cause of excitement. Why? Traditionally the most complex element of any service migration, is understanding the interdependence between elements.  If you are migrating from an environment dependent upon legacy infrastructure, most of the early focus is going to be trying to answer a simple question. What do… Read More »Data Centre Hybridity VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension