vSAN Locator LEDs – HPE

vSAN Locator LEDs – HPE Short tidbit of knowledge today. vSAN includes the functionality to turn locator LEDs on vSAN storage devices on or off to help identify the location of a specific storage device, perfect for a visual indication of a failed drive. I wasn’t aware until recently that to get this working with HPE servers there is a prerequisite requirement to install the HP Smart Storage Administrator CLI – good information to know… Read More »vSAN Locator LEDs – HPE

vSAN Orphaned Objects

  • simon 

I recently got asked a question about how to managed orphaned objects in vSAN, previously with VMFS this was being managed with a PowerShell script, but the customer couldn’t get it to work with vSAN.  Which is expected behaviour as managing these vSAN namespace associations/objects is not possible via the GUI or script. Instead these namespaces can be managed using RVC or the Ruby vSphere Console if required. The following blog details the use of… Read More »vSAN Orphaned Objects