VMware Virtual Machines MAC addresses

  • simon 

VMware Virtual Machines MAC addresses Occasionally I feel old, today was one of those days.  The feeling snuck up on me during a conversation about MAC addresses. Someone mentioned a MAC address starting 00:50:56 and I said with confidence that it was a VMware virtual machine, which prompted the response “how do you know that?”.  Which leads us to the topic of this blog post, how did I know that? MAC addresses are not random. … Read More »VMware Virtual Machines MAC addresses

vSphere HA Advanced Settings

  • simon 

vSphere HA Advanced Settings to Consider Working in the field I come across a lot of VMware products configurations, in addition to working directly advising how to meet architectural and business goals.  After conversations this week I’d like to draw attention to two small but often overlooked configuration settings for vSphere HA and one that folk might simply have forgotten about. For those that are not aware, vSphere HA provides high availability for Virtual Machines. … Read More »vSphere HA Advanced Settings

VCP How to Set up at Home

  • eleanor 

VCP How to Set up at Home In my other recent blog post I’ve spoken about how to pass your VCP and some revision tips. In this post, I want to discuss actually sitting the exam itself. Due to the current pandemic, Pearson Vue are currently allowing you to take your VCP test at home, instead of going into a test centre. In my opinion, this can be incredibly beneficial as it reduces the impact… Read More »VCP How to Set up at Home

Troubleshooting and Recovery Planning

  • simon 

When there is an outage, it is natural to panic a little and maybe try a rush troubleshooting steps.  In my experience this is oftentimes counterproductive.  Symptoms can often be missed as the root cause, which has the net effect of extending the time to resolution.  So where would I suggest is the best place to start, well that in part depends on the symptoms.  However, the log files will tell you everything that you need to know.

vSphere Foundations Exam – 2V0-620

  • simon 

Why vSphere Foundations:

It’s been the case for a while now that in order for those new to VMware certifications to obtain any variant of VCP, they need to take and pass the vSphere foundations exam.  As those of you that have been reading along, would have noticed I’ve been focused on validating my Azure skills over the past few weeks and months.  However, the majority of my career has been spent within data centres working with the VMware stack.Read More »vSphere Foundations Exam – 2V0-620