vRealise Orchestrator 8.0.1 installation errors

vRealise Orchestrator 8.0.1 installation errors As part of something else that I’ve been working on I needed to install vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) into the lab.  I’d not installed the latest versions of vRO but I was aware that the architecture had changed from earlier versions, and was now built upon kubernetes. vRO Deployment vRO is deployed from an OVA downloaded from the MyVMware portal, the file for vRO 8.0.1 has the catch name of “O11N_VA-”. … Read More »vRealise Orchestrator 8.0.1 installation errors

vROPs Dashboards – Kubernetes Namespaces

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vROPs Dashboards – Kubernetes Namespaces ***Dashboard now available on VMware Code and GitHub*** A few weeks ago I installed the vROPs management pack for container monitoring, which provides a great overview of the kubernetes cluster, nodes and pods in the environment. This dashboard is built from the context of the containers world adaptor and is pulling information from the kubernetes estate using cAdvisor.  As mentioned above the default dashboard views are built around the cluster,… Read More »vROPs Dashboards – Kubernetes Namespaces

How to get the available Azure VM sizes with – Get-AzureRmVMSize

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How to get the available Azure VM sizes with – Get-AzureRmVmSize I was recently working with a customer who was struggling to get a list of available Azure VM sizes for the locations he wanted to deploy Az IaaS VMs.  Whilst I work mainly with VMware technologies a customer is a customer, so I was more than happy to help. PowerShell As luck would have it there is a PowerShell module to provide just the… Read More »How to get the available Azure VM sizes with – Get-AzureRmVMSize

Project Octant – Graphical User Interface for Kubernetes

Project Octant – Graphical User Interface for Kubernetes By introducing new layers of abstraction through kubernetes, it is possible that this comes with additional complexity. Project Octant is a useful tool to add to the arsenal when trying to navigate how resources within a kubernetes cluster hang together, to describe kubernetes clusters in a manner that is perhaps more friendly to existing operation teams. Octant is a tool for developers to understand how applications run… Read More »Project Octant – Graphical User Interface for Kubernetes

vSAN Orphaned Objects

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I recently got asked a question about how to managed orphaned objects in vSAN, previously with VMFS this was being managed with a PowerShell script, but the customer couldn’t get it to work with vSAN.  Which is expected behaviour as managing these vSAN namespace associations/objects is not possible via the GUI or script. Instead these namespaces can be managed using RVC or the Ruby vSphere Console if required. The following blog details the use of… Read More »vSAN Orphaned Objects

Troubleshooting and Recovery Planning

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When there is an outage, it is natural to panic a little and maybe try a rush troubleshooting steps.  In my experience this is oftentimes counterproductive.  Symptoms can often be missed as the root cause, which has the net effect of extending the time to resolution.  So where would I suggest is the best place to start, well that in part depends on the symptoms.  However, the log files will tell you everything that you need to know.