Cloud lab progress and Ravello thoughts

  • simon 

Cloud lab progress

The cloud lab is progressing well.  It is taking longer than I would like.  However, it is providing me with valuable hands on time.

I had to rework the design of the lab, this wasn’t down to technical limitations, it was down to performance.  With the limitations in place on the Ravello hosts (4 CPU and 16 GB RAM) it just not was fast enough to run a vSphere embedded VCSA.Read More »Cloud lab progress and Ravello thoughts

Ravello Home-Lab build

  • simon 

Home-Lab build

Ravello responded! I have been granted a user account to create my home-lab build on the Ravello cloud service.  What makes this so very cool for me, is that I know I’m going to be travelling a lot over the coming weeks and months. So I can effortlessly take my lab with me.  I’ve also been working in an architecture role recently and have been itching to get back hands on with some of the technology. The home-lab build is the perfect place to scratch that itch.Read More »Ravello Home-Lab build

Cloudy Home-Lab and the desire to retain WAF!

  • simon 

I like playing with technology. My Home-Lab used to be the office and a small instance of ESX 3 that I got running under VMware workstation when I was bored.

When I worked for a large UK based hosting provider I got to work with interesting technology everyday.  there where boxes and boxes of blades, servers, storage, networking and racks to work with everyday.  Not to mention the several hundred hosts and VMs in production that needed a careful eye and the occasional prod.Read More »Cloudy Home-Lab and the desire to retain WAF!