VMware Virtual Machines MAC addresses

VMware Virtual Machines MAC addresses Occasionally I feel old, today was one of those days.  The feeling snuck up on me during a conversation about MAC addresses. Someone mentioned a MAC address starting 00:50:56 and I said with confidence that it was a VMware virtual machine, which prompted the response “how do you know that?”.  […]

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Extending – Counting CPU licenses needed under new VMware licensing policy

Following on from the VMware licence change announcements, detailed here.  I thought I’d take a quick look at the accompanying PowerShell module to see what the output looks like and what we can do with data that it gathers. The VMware KB for the PowerShell module includes details on how to import and usage.  You […]

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Extending Simple Network Mapping – TCP Port Descriptions

Simple Network Mapping In an earlier post I demonstrated how you could use a very simple toolset such as VMware tools and Netstat to create visualisations for what devices are talking to each other on a network.  I had a few thoughts of my own on some additional simple steps that could be taken to […]

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Simple Network Mapping using VMware tools and Netstat

Network Mapping I had fun working out a simple way to extend application discovery using VMware tools,  following a retweet or two (or 17) it seems like a lot of folks enjoyed reading about it too.  So fresh from putting together a simple method to interrogate application data, helped by some very clever engineering from […]

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