The impact of gravity on the Cloud

The impact of gravity on the cloud, what am I talking about now… Gravity is defined as “the force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth”, that can be extrapolated onwards to state “or towards any other physical body having mass”.  It’s a force that has shape everything in our universe.  Which is interesting. A topic that people take a life time investigating and exploring, but why am I writing about gravity… Read More »The impact of gravity on the Cloud

North West England VMUG – Manchester 2019

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North West England VMUG – Manchester 2019 My VMUG tour for 2019 continued in March with a trip up to Manchester.   However, this was a bit different, I was presenting this time.  The week before the event a colleague reached out to ask if I would be available to cover his slot, at first it seemed like a terrible idea.  I ran through all of the excuses I could think of not to present, and… Read More »North West England VMUG – Manchester 2019

Cloud Migration Steps to Success

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Cloud Migration Steps to Success The future for many services will be cloud hosting.  Services that are now hosted on on-premises infrastructure, will be able to be rebuilt and consume cloud architectures in new and innovative ways outside of the traditional data center.  Imagine you’re tasked with overseeing that development of business services, how do you get there? what are the Cloud Migration Steps to Success? Cloud Strategy Not all organisations have the same requirements… Read More »Cloud Migration Steps to Success

Migrations Continued

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Migrations Continued Selecting the correct migration approach depends upon a raft of factors. Network and Storage accessibility Platform versions Hardware Network accessibility Is the network shared between platforms? Not necessarily the same VLANs but the same subnets?  During the migration do you need to take into consideration changing IP addresses and subnets?  What is the onward impact to the applications being migrated?  What is the onward impact on the business functions that these applications and… Read More »Migrations Continued


This is a migration post with a slight change of viewpoint. I’m not going to write about how to migrate a vSphere environment from the infrastructure perspective, there is lots of very good content that covers how to migrate to vSphere 6.5.

This is the first post in a series that I’m going to write about migrations from the point of view of the most important assets, the virtual machines themselves.Read More »Migrations