Cloud Migration Value Creation

Cloud Migration Value Creation I recently read an excellent post by Bill Hunt titled Cloudbusting.  In this article Bill outlines and challenges some of the myths of cloud computing as he sees it from his federal role.  Bill is a contributor to the 2019 Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, “Cloud Smart”, which introduced a subtle change to strategy in this sector by advocating not for a ‘cloud first’ (which is often translated as cloud only) but… Read More »Cloud Migration Value Creation

vSphere HA Advanced Settings

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vSphere HA Advanced Settings to Consider Working in the field I come across a lot of VMware products configurations, in addition to working directly advising how to meet architectural and business goals.  After conversations this week I’d like to draw attention to two small but often overlooked configuration settings for vSphere HA and one that folk might simply have forgotten about. For those that are not aware, vSphere HA provides high availability for Virtual Machines. … Read More »vSphere HA Advanced Settings

Mapping the Rationale for Hybrid and Cloud DCs

Mapping the Rationale for Hybrid and Cloud DCs It seems like where ever you look across the public cloud landscape you will find a partnership between VMware and Hyperscaler.  Far from 2020 being the year of VDI, it seems to be the year to move your VMware workloads, as VMware workloads, into a Hyperscalers cloud.  The current portfolio for public cloud providers where you can run VMware workloads is very impressive; VMware Cloud on AWS… Read More »Mapping the Rationale for Hybrid and Cloud DCs

UiPath PDF File Word Analysis

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UiPath PDF File Word Analysis I have a lot of PDF documentation to read.  I’ve been starting to work with UiPath and I wondered if I could put something together to perform a simple analysis of the frequency words are used in a document.  My thinking here is that is might help to identify trends in the document, any pattern of thinking and highlight key themes.  It turns out you absolutely can, and with the… Read More »UiPath PDF File Word Analysis

New Adventures in RPA

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New Adventures in RPA For the uninitiated RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation, or a way of making technology work in smarter ways.  To paraphrase the tag line from UiPath “Make robots so people don’t have to be robots”. “Robotic Process Automation is the technology that allows anyone today to configure computer software, or a “robot” to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. RPA… Read More »New Adventures in RPA

Interrogating Public Police Data with open-source technology and serverless methods

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Interrogating Public Police Data with open-source technology and serverless methods ##* Update, the dashboards are currently Online (July 6th).  This was built as an educational tools and to demonstrate the art of the possible.  If you are interested in funding or rebuilding within your own cloud subscription please contact me via @virtual_simon *## I’ll preface with a few of the resources I’ve used so far in my Azure study journey 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions… Read More »Interrogating Public Police Data with open-source technology and serverless methods

Interrogating data using modern applications

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Interrogating data using modern applications I love working with data and with visualisations. I am often at my happiest when working with a large data set trying to find the answer to questions or trying to present data in a way that make it more accessible without losing its meaning.  In the UK, government departments are duty bound to publish figures about all manner of things from health and education to the economy and crime. … Read More »Interrogating data using modern applications

vROPs management pack for Container monitoring

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vROPs management pack for Container monitoring Available on the VMware solution exchange is a Management pack for monitoring containers, I recently had a look at Project Octant as a cool way to visualise a Kubernetes cluster and even troubleshoot issues.  Octant gives a great view of the cluster, but perhaps not in the wider infrastructure context, so I wanted to install and look at vROPs monitoring the Tanzu Kubernetes clusters I’ve deployed. cAdvisor Installation The… Read More »vROPs management pack for Container monitoring

Application Ontology

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Application Ontology I’ve been thinking about the different services, policies and functions that support the delivery of applications to individual lines of business.  Many of the organisations seem to struggle with this more than anything else in moving toward cloud adoption.  As I’m often found saying “the technology can pretty much be made to do anything, the difficulty comes in first knowing what you want to do and then how you want to manage that”.… Read More »Application Ontology