24th August 2017

Serverless reference table

Serverless reference table

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I’ve written a few posts providing a quick outline of various serverless architecture options.  To compliment that I’ve pulled together a Serverless reference table of the different offerings from Microsoft, AWS and Google to act as a quick reference card.


FeatureAzure FunctionsAWS LambdaGoogle Cloud
Supported languagesC#, JavaScript, F#, Python, Batch, PHP, PowerShellJavaScript, Java, C#, and PythonOnly JavaScript
DependenciesNpm, NuGetDeployment Packagesnpm package.json
DeploymentsVisual Studio Team Services, OneDrive, Local Git repository, GitHub, Bitbucket, Dropbox, External repositoryOnly ZIP upload (to Lambda or S3)ZIP upload, Cloud Storage or Cloud Source Repositories
Environment variablesApp Settings and ConnectionStrings from App ServicesYesNot yet
VersioningCloud Source branch/tagVersions and aliasesCloud Source branch/tag
Scalability & availabilityManual or metered scaling (App Service Plan), or sub-second automatic scaling (Consumption Plan)Automatic scaling (transparently)Automatic scaling
Event-drivenBlob, EventHub, Generic WebHook, GitHub WebHook, Queue, Http, ServiceBus Queue, Service Bus Topic, Timer triggersS3, SNS, SES, DynamoDB, Kinesis, CloudWatch, Cognito, API Gateway, CodeCommit, etc.Cloud Pub/Sub or Cloud Storage Object Change Notifications
HTTP(S) invocationHTTP triggerAPI GatewayHTTP trigger
OrchestrationAzure Logic AppsAWS Step FunctionsNot yet
LoggingApp Services monitoringCloudWatch LogsStackdriver Logging
Monitoring Application InsightsCloudWatch X-RayStackdriver Monitoring
In-browser code editorFunctions environment, App Service editorYesOnly with Cloud Source Repositories
Max # of functionsUnlimited functionsUnlimited functions1000 functions per project
Concurrent executionsNo limit1000 parallel executions per account, per region (soft limit)No limit
Max execution 300 sec (5 min)300 sec (5 min)540 seconds (9 minutes)