Why do I need requirements again?


Perhaps not the most eye catching of blog titles, however this is an area I see problems with time and time again.  Perhaps it is human nature to get excited and eager, in wanting to skip the requirements phase of any project and jump straight to the solution.  It’s something that I’ve been guilty of in the past. Certainly, it is something I’ve anecdotally observed across sectors, industries and technologies.

So, what is the problem?  To skip the requirements phase is to run the risk of missing the goals of the project. Read More »Why do I need requirements again?

Backup and Recovery – Cloud thoughts.

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Backup and Recovery

During a recent engagement, I had the privilege of getting back hands on with some backup technology, namely CommVault. I’d worked with CommVault extensively in the past as part of a multinational organisations centralised backup and recovery strategy for the UK. It was great fun getting back hands on with the technology and it got me thinking about the role of backup and recovery solutions within public and private clouds, more on that later.Read More »Backup and Recovery – Cloud thoughts.

On the Road Updates

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It’s been a month. I’ve been on the road, unfortunately not taking a leaf out of the Jack Kerouac’s book. So it’s been nearly a whole month since I last posted on here.  partly because I went camping in the woods in Devon, and partly because I spent a good portion of that month either on client sites or living from a suitcase. Time in the field is never wasted and I’m organising my thoughts… Read More »On the Road Updates

Cloud Security Strategy

Cloud Security

As discussed in the previous article around cloud strategy, some areas might require there own succinct strategies.  This article will attempt to outline some of the cloud security challenges for cloud adoption and promote discussion.

There is an element of stepping into the unknown with cloud and cloud security, to a degree that is caused by the way cloud is represented and sold.  As an industry there needs to be an increased understanding about what cloud is, and more specifically about the model that cloud represents. Read More »Cloud Security Strategy

vSphere Foundations Exam – 2V0-620

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Why vSphere Foundations:

It’s been the case for a while now that in order for those new to VMware certifications to obtain any variant of VCP, they need to take and pass the vSphere foundations exam.  As those of you that have been reading along, would have noticed I’ve been focused on validating my Azure skills over the past few weeks and months.  However, the majority of my career has been spent within data centres working with the VMware stack.Read More »vSphere Foundations Exam – 2V0-620

Cloud Strategy Considerations

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Cloud Strategy

I thought I’d put together an overview of Cloud Strategy Considerations. This isn’t an exhaustive list, is provided for discussion and as with many of my blog posts is partly an aide memoir.

We need a cloud strategy!

Cloud services are not going away, they are very much here to stay. Many organisations will be reviewing strategies for adopting cloud services.Read More »Cloud Strategy Considerations

Azure Patch Management

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There are certain things in the IT world, that are if we’re being frank are unforgivable, chief amongst those is failing to patch the operating systems in your IT estate. So what options do we have for Azure Patch Management?

There is a very small set of circumstances where you might be forgiven this cardinal sin.  Perhaps your running a legacy application that requires an OS that cannot be patched (HMS Windows XP?). In those circumstances, expectation would be that you take comprehensive steps to protect the workloads using alternative methods, network isolation etc..  If you are not dealing with a workload in those circumstances then there is really no excuse for not having a patching regime!

Read More »Azure Patch Management

Exam 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

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Azure Exam 70-534

Following the path I’ve been taking to validate my Azure skills to it’s natural conclusion, I recently took and passed the Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam 70-534.  Traditionally I allow myself a short period of revision. With this exam, I felt confident and with the massed array of Azure possibilities for the exam to call upon, I wasn’t too sure how useful revision over experience might be.  So again in hope of passing more than expectation, I decided to sit the exam – if nothing else I would learn where I needed to focus more effort.  I’ve been working as an architect and have spent much of my career infrastructure focused.  This proved to be a good combination for the infrastructure exam and I was banking on it being a good combination here as well.Read More »Exam 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

Exam 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

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Azure Exam 70-532

Continuing the path I’ve been taking to validate my Azure skills, I recently took and passed the Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions exam 70-532.  After a very short period of revision, to plug some of the gaps in my knowledge, I felt confident enough to sit the exam, in hope more than expectation of passing.  I say that because I’m not primarily a developer, the past 18 months I’ve been working as an architect and prior to that I was very heavily infrastructure focused.  Whilst that was a good combination for the infrastructure exam, I wasn’t going to assume it would be so good here!Read More »Exam 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Exam 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

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Azure Exam 70-533

After a short period of study that included writing these, i’m pleased to say I’ve passed Exam 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions.  Taking advantage of the offers Microsoft have made available here. I decided the time had come to validate some of the Azure skills I’d been picking up.Read More »Exam 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions