VMworld Europe 2018

VMworld Europe 2018 takes place again in the wonderful city of Barcelona.  After some intense negotiations in the Conyard household, I can confirm that I will be coming to VMworld Europe this coming November. It’s been a few years since I was able to attend (this will be my 4th overall 1 in San Francisco and 2 in Cannes) . With the rapidly changing industry, innovation in all sections of IT and growing demands from… Read More »VMworld Europe 2018

VCAP DCV 6.5 Design

  • simon 

VCAP DCV 6.5 Design One of the benefits of attending the VMware EMPOWER event in Vienna, is that part of the package includes an exam of your choosing from VCP to VCAP.  In addition to the awesome content, sessions, networking and technology updates. I passed my VCP 6.5 in 2017, I decided that I would take the opportunity to take my VMware Certified Advanced Professional Data Center Virtualization Design 6.5.  However, over the course of… Read More »VCAP DCV 6.5 Design

VMware EMPOWER – VMwares GSS Top 10 Supported Cases

Presenters: Owen Sheehy, John O’Brien Technical support specialists from GSS and VMware

GSS support the entire VMware stack, so requires technical competencies across all disciplines.  For the purposes of this session much will focus on vSphere (ESX and VMware vCenter) as the foundatio building blocks of any solution.  80% of cases are logged against these vSphere foundation components!

VVD’s help GSS to understand complicated environments quickly.  However, fixes might break a VVD.

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VMware EMPOWER – General Session Day One

Having worn both my fingers and my laptop battery down trying to keep up with the previous sessions in the day, I didn’t live blog the general session. In brief, lots of numbers about how well the various product streams within VMware are performing. However, in my opinion the session really started to ‘sparkle’ when Joe Baguley took to the stage. Joe’s presentation to the conference focused on the sheer volume of change that VMware… Read More »VMware EMPOWER – General Session Day One

VMware EMPOWER – VCDX War Stories

VMware EMPOWER – VCDX War Stories

Session presenters – Andrew Hald, Paul Meehan, Peter Oberacher, Nathan Raper, Johan van Amersfoort

VCDX is the highest level of certification offered by VMware and those that earn VCDX are partof an eliete group of architects leading implementations around the world. Moderated by Andrew Hald (VCDX#4) this panel of both VMware and partner VCDXs will share tips and tricks for achieving ths certification. They will also tell their personal stories of how investing in this certification elevated their careers. With time for questions, so you are prepared to start you own VCDX journey.

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VMware Empower (and kebabs)

  • jon 

VMware Empower (and kebabs) We have finally arrived after a mammoth stint on the UK’s largest car park aka the M25 followed by a much more pleasurable experience with plane and train. On Sunday night I plucked up the courage to book the VCP6.5-DCV exam, there are some areas that I feel reasonably strong in having had a really good recent amount of hands on experience in. There are some, however, that I really need… Read More »VMware Empower (and kebabs)

Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho! it’s off to VMware Empower I go!

  • simon 

Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho! it’s off to VMware Empower I go! I fly out to Vienna this afternoon to attend the VMware Empower, during the three day event I’ll be attending the following sessions; Planning Your Migrations to VMware Cloud on AWS VMware’s SDDC Vision: Data Center to Cloud Center for Advanced Learning – Advanced Architecture Course: Business Transformation and Frameworks New vSAN Assessment Tools vCloud Usage Meter GSS Top 10 Issues Designing Solutions Around… Read More »Hi! Ho! Hi! Ho! it’s off to VMware Empower I go!


  • simon 

VMware EMPOWER Coming up fast is VMware EMPOWER event in Vienna Europe, 2nd to 4th July. I’m delighted to say that I will be going this year! I”m looking forward to all the sessions and networking opportunities that the event will present. However, for me I’m most anticipating attending the following sessions, “Center for Advanced Learning – Advanced Architecture Course: Business Transformation and Frameworks”.  I’ve heard really good things about these sessions from the community.… Read More »VMware EMPOWER