16th June 2018

Migrations Continued

Migrations Continued

Selecting the correct migration approach depends upon a raft of factors.

  • Network and Storage accessibility
  • Platform versions
  • Hardware

Network accessibility

Is the network shared between platforms? Not necessarily the same VLANs but the same subnets?  During the migration do you need to take into consideration changing IP addresses and subnets?  What is the onward impact to the applications being migrated?  What is the onward impact on the business functions that these applications and services support?

Storage accessibility

Do the workloads in scope for migration utilize SAN based storage arrays? Do they have local storage?  If the workloads use a SAN array can this be presented to both the source and target platforms?

Platform versions

Are the source and target platforms compatible, can they share resources and exist within the same vSphere data center?


Do the Source and target platforms run compatible processors?  Is consideration required for EVC mode?

Migration Decision Flow Chart

Migrations Continued

I’ll try and cover off some specific approaches over the coming weeks, time and day job allowing!