26th August 2017

How to become a Zerto Certified Professional

How to become a Zerto Certified Professional? Was probably not first on the list of questions you woke up with today.  In fact there is probably a fair number of individuals who have never heard of Zerto, let-alone thought they could gain a certification. Read on to find out how to become a Zerto Certified Professional


You might already be familiar with Zerto you might not.  For the uninitiated Zerto offer a powerful range of replication and backup tools for Virtual environments (vSphere/HyperV) and the cloud.

Zerto doens’t require a complicated architecture and has a clear set of requirements.  Once installed the product offers a simple to use interface to manage replication, RPO and RTO between data centres and to the cloud, whilst also offering point in time backup and recovery.

Zerto Certified Professional

I’ve come across Zerto in the wild and wanted to verify my understanding and skills,  I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that Zerto offer free training and certification resources.  A real bonus, everybody likes free!  After signing up for an account on the Zerto website, you are granted access to the myZerto area and the Zerto university.  Within which you will find course material for both Zerto Certified Professional courses and Zerto Certified Professional Cloud.

These courses offer an interactive walk through the product, covering key concepts and requirements along the way.  The interactive nature of the courses make them engaging, as you run through first installing the product, then configuration before running simulation and real DR failovers.  All the while offering pertinent information regarding the products needs and features.

After the course has been completed the certification opens up.  For the ZCP certification, the exam is made up from a set of 25 multiple choice questions that cover the core of the material in the course.  For the ZCP-Cloud the exam is 10 multiple choice questions.  For both exams the passing score is 75%.

So if you have a couple of hours to spare and feel like learning a new topic, or verifying existing skills why not explore Zerto and gain a certification to boot, the price is certainly right!