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About Virtual-Simon

Virtual-Simon is a virtualisation and cloud blog run by long time friends and colleagues Jon Harvey and Simon Conyard.

About Jon Harvey

I’m an Infrastructure architect with 15 years experience in data center management, design and deployment.  Based in the south east of England with specialisms ranging through Storage, Networking, Virtualisation and Cloud.

Working directly with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and associated management and expansion technologies.  I’ve been directly responsible for the successful operation, design and implementation of data centre technologies, including backups, virtualisation, structure cabling, rack design and now extending to hybrid cloud platforms.

Specialities: virtualisation, Windows, Linux, data centre strategy, data centre migration, infrastructure design

All views expressed on this website are my own, and do not reflect the position of my employer.


@virtual_jon Jon Harvey


About Simon Conyard

Simon Conyard

I’m an Infrastructure and Cloud Architect based in the south east of England.  For the past 17 years I’ve been working in the IT industry and gained extensive practical implementation and operational experience with a range of infrastructure and data center technologies. With a focus on virtualization with VMware hypervisor technology.

Seeing the role of traditional IT infrastructure receding and data centers starting to take steps into the cloud, I’ve taken the opportunity to work with Microsoft Azure, VMware and AWS.  Challenge traditional IaaS models delivering business value, with reduce capital expenditure.

  • Loyal and driven Infrastructure architect with extensive experience across IT functions in regulated environments.
  • Delivering infrastructure solutions from concept, business case development, deployment to realisation.
  • Utilising a broad range of skills and knowledge to introduce new ideas, deliver change and mitigate risk.
  • Focused on successful solution alignment, objectives and business benefits..

Specialties: Infrastructure Architecture, Infrastructure Management, Integration and Business Alignment.

All views expressed on this website are my own, and do not reflect the position of my employer.


@virtual_simon Simon Conyard