24th May 2020

Exporting vROPs Alert and Symptom Definitions as CSV

Exporting vROPs Alert and Symptom Definitions as CSV

I saw a question over on VMTN asking how to export Alert and Symptom definitions from vROPs from the GUI.  It is perfectly possible to do that with vROPs 8.1, but you are going to need to go through page after page of definitions and export them one page at a time.  The exported format is also XML.

This is much much easier with access to the vROPs PowerCLI modules, in fact there is native command for the alert definitions – we don’t even need to call the API.

Get-OMAlertDefinition | ConvertTo-CSV | Out-File C:\AlertDefinitions.csv 

Couldn’t be simpler to export the alert information!

The symptoms does need to reference the API, but even then this is still only a to command request, first to set a variable for our vROPs installation;

$vrops = connect-omserver server -user user -Password pass

Then to call the following API method;

Which we use like so;

$vrops.ExtensionData.GetSymptomDefinitions()[0].symptomdefinition | ConvertTo-CSV | Out-File C:\symptoms.csv 

There you have it, two very simple commands to export Alert and Symptom Definitions

Hopefully this is useful to folk