29th June 2017

Exam 70-532 Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

Azure Exam 70-532

Continuing the path I’ve been taking to validate my Azure skills, I recently took and passed the Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions exam 70-532.  After a very short period of revision, to plug some of the gaps in my knowledge, I felt confident enough to sit the exam, in hope more than expectation of passing.  I say that because I’m not primarily a developer, the past 18 months I’ve been working as an architect and prior to that I was very heavily infrastructure focused.  Whilst that was a good combination for the infrastructure exam, I wasn’t going to assume it would be so good here!

This of course means that I have also attained my MCSA, or for the acronym averse Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate 🙂

Exam 70-532 was a different animal to the 70-533 exam.  Where as the 70-533 exam wasn’t focused on scenario based questions it seemed that majority of the material for 70-532 was framed inside a scenario.  I guess that might be the same for most developer style examinations, but couldn’t comment beyond a guess.  What that did mean is that my inner architect hand a chance to spend some time in the sun.  Fiercely logical and well practised in scenario based exams (following on from TOGAF), I could let my inner architect loose.

Now I’m not going to lie, whilst I will self deprecatingly say I’m no developer.  However, I can work with and read code, use source control and understand the development life-cycle.  It would be unwise to go into the exam if you have no theoretical understanding or experience with any coding or development.  Now that not to say you need to be a .Net guru, but neither should you be a virgin.

As the bulk of the questions in this exam came within scenarios, time management is beyond crucial.  You are going to be presented with a lot of information, only some of which will be relevant.  Comprehension is therefore vital.  You need to be able to read and process complicated information and understand its relevance to the questions.

Azure learning resources

The learning resources are in effect the same as with the 70-533 exam. I’ll list them here again here.  Again, please consider that there really is nothing better than hands on experience.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft courses on edX

Azure Reading Material

Azure Documentation

Azure Subscription!

Learning Locker

Next up 70-534 and an MCSE