AVI Load Balancers-The Beginning

  • eleanor 

AVI Load Balancers-The Beginning Load Balancers  Load balancers have come a long way since they started from only Layer 4 load balancer services to Layer 7 load balancers we have made leaps and bounds in this area. Starting out what even is load balancing.  This is when a task or process is distributed through resources in order to make the overall process work more efficiently, this might include reducing response time by reducing the load… Read More »AVI Load Balancers-The Beginning

IDS and IPS in NSX-T

  • eleanor 

IDS and IPS in NSX-T IDS/IPS IDS stands for Intrusion Detection System and IPS stands for Intrusion Prevention System. It is what is says on the tin, it protects your environment from an attack. IDS is a system that monitors the traffic in case of an attack and In the event of this IPS will block the network traffic. In the newest release of NSX-T which was 3.0 this came with IDS with IPS following… Read More »IDS and IPS in NSX-T

NSX-T Federation Vs Multisite

  • eleanor 

NSX-T Federation Vs Multisite So we’ve all heard of NSX-T and the buzz surrounding Federation, what are the benefits of it and how does it relate to multisite. These are some of the questions I am going to try and answer. MultiSite From NSX-T 2.5 VMware introduced Multisite. In essence this is where you can manage multiple sites from one NSX manager node, this supports disaster recovery where one main site is used and the… Read More »NSX-T Federation Vs Multisite

NSX-T password expired SDDC Manager rotation fails

  • simon 

NSX-T password expired SDDC Manager rotation fails With VMware Cloud Foundation password management of SDDC components is handed off to the SDDC manager.  The SDDC manager can rotate the passwords for VMware components such as ESXi, Virtual Centre and NSX-T.  A very useful feature and a great way. of keeping admin and root accounts secure in the infrastructure.  So what happens when the rotation is perhaps missed and the NSX-T passwords expire? This is exactly… Read More »NSX-T password expired SDDC Manager rotation fails

VCP-NV Revision Tips

  • eleanor 

VCP-NV Revision Tips Revision techniques In my last post I listed some of the best materials to use in order to pass the VCP exam. This time I’m going to focus more on revision techniques. How everyone revises comes down to personal preference; what works for one person may not work for another. I’m going to list the main technique I use and a few additional ones. However, these methods might not work for you… Read More »VCP-NV Revision Tips

VCP-NV2020 how to pass your exam

  • eleanor 

VCP-NV2020 how to pass your exam Who am I? Hello, my name is Eleanor, I am a 24 year-old women working for VMware I passed my VCP-NV 2020 recently and thought it might be helpful to write a couple of posts about it. Getting Started It’s important to understand the fundamentals in networking before beginning your journey to VCP-NV certification. Obviously, you need a good grounding in NSX! There are a number of different ways… Read More »VCP-NV2020 how to pass your exam