Cloud Migration Value Creation

Cloud Migration Value Creation I recently read an excellent post by Bill Hunt titled Cloudbusting.  In this article Bill outlines and challenges some of the myths of cloud computing as he sees it from his federal role.  Bill is a contributor to the 2019 Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, “Cloud Smart”, which introduced a subtle change […]

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VMware HCX Licensing

Following on the migration theme just recently, I’ve had a lot of queries over the past month related to VMware HCX licensing, so thought I’d pull this post together for reference. Remind me what is HCX again? VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX), in its own words is: “an application mobility platform, simplifies application migration, rebalances […]

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AVI Load Balancers-The Beginning

AVI Load Balancers-The Beginning Load Balancers  Load balancers have come a long way since they started from only Layer 4 load balancer services to Layer 7 load balancers we have made leaps and bounds in this area. Starting out what even is load balancing.  This is when a task or process is distributed through resources […]

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NSX-T password expired SDDC Manager rotation fails

NSX-T password expired SDDC Manager rotation fails With VMware Cloud Foundation password management of SDDC components is handed off to the SDDC manager.  The SDDC manager can rotate the passwords for VMware components such as ESXi, Virtual Centre and NSX-T.  A very useful feature and a great way. of keeping admin and root accounts secure […]

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