VCP6-DCV Certification Blueprint

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I’ve been asked to change direction a little on the certifications that I had been following.  Having completed my TOGAF and MCSE in cloud and infrastructure already this year,  I was originally working toward a VCP-CMA.  However, that has now changed and I’ll first be undertaking the VCP-DCV.  So I need to familiarise myself with the DCV blueprint and other resources that will hopefully help me pass.

In addition to studying the blueprint, I’ll be following Greg Shields excellent Pluralsight course “VMware vSphere 6 Data Center Virtualization (VCP6-DCV)“, taking advantage of Pluralsight’s link up with Transcender, following the track on vBrownBag and also attending the compulsory ICM course.   My hope is to actually take and pass the VCP6.5-DCV, however in the absence of a published certification blueprint, I’ll have to follow the VCP6-DCV Certification Blueprint and study the what’s new guide!Read More »VCP6-DCV Certification Blueprint

Emerging details – VMware Cloud on AWS

At VMworld this week VMware announced the VMware Cloud on AWS service.  Providing an option for organisations to run applications across private, public and hybrid cloud environments utilising the familiar VMware vSphere tooling. Consisting of vSphere, NSX and vSAN to provide an SDDC built onto bare-metal AWS infrastructure.  So what does that actually mean and how are the components configured?  Initial details are emerging as to how it will operate, and more importantly what gaps there… Read More »Emerging details – VMware Cloud on AWS

VMworld 2017 Announcements – VMware Cloud on AWS

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VMworld 2017 Announcements – VMware Cloud on AWS In what was probably the most anticipated and perhaps least surprising announcement in the early press releases is the initial offering of VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware Cloud on AWS is being initially made available in the AWS US West (Oregon) region with plans to expand into AWS regions worldwide in 2018. Initial pricing options are hourly and pay only for each hour that a host is… Read More »VMworld 2017 Announcements – VMware Cloud on AWS

VMworld 2017 Announcement – AppDefence

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Data management and security is a big issue for most organisations, whatever the size of your organisation the way data is managed and secured has never been under more focus.  Data breeches have far reaching consequences for organisations and individuals.  As organisations relay more and more on digital information, spending more on security products, it remains true that data breaches still occur with alarming frequency.  When they do occur invariably it is headline news, with… Read More »VMworld 2017 Announcement – AppDefence