VMworld 2017 Announcement – AppDefence

Data management and security is a big issue for most organisations, whatever the size of your organisation the way data is managed and secured has never been under more focus.  Data breeches have far reaching consequences for organisations and individuals.  As organisations relay more and more on digital information, spending more on security products, it […]

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vCenter Server Migration Tool

vCenter Server Migration Tool With the recent announcement that the Windows based vCenter server is being depreciated, many thoughts will inevitably be turning toward how to migrate away from the Windows platform.  Migrations and updates of the vCenter platform have been serious undertakings, work that required a great deal of planing, coordination and time to […]

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Serverless – What are the options?

Serverless Architecture I’m a big fan of serverless architecture.  My view is that removing the infrastructure and operating systems from the business processes and services enables a different kind of thinking. Ultimately, a business is only really interested in the successful operation, experience and outcomes of the applications, systems and data they are running on […]

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Serverless Architecture

What is Serverless Architecture Serverless Architecture is a cloud computing model.  In this model, instead of utilising always on servers and infrastructure, business services are developed and deployed using Platform as a Service (PaaS), Functions as a Service (FaaS) and Messaging as a Service (MaaS) cloud offerings.  It doesn’t mean there are no servers, but […]

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