I’m very pleased to announce that as Virtual-Simon completes it’s first year online, Virtual_Jon is going to be joining the blog. Virtual_Jon, is a friend of mine, who brings a wealth of experience in all things virtualisation and data centre, check out his bio on the about page for more information. Expect Jon to be […]

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World Mental Health Day

Last week, the 10th October, was World Mental Health day.  A day aimed at breaking down the stigmas that surround mental health and improving awareness on the issue. According to the Mental Health Foundation; One in four adults and one in ten children are likely to have a mental health problem in any given year.  […]

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On the Road Updates

It’s been a month. I’ve been on the road, unfortunately not taking a leaf out of the Jack Kerouac’s book. So it’s been nearly a whole month since I last posted on here.  partly because I went camping in the woods in Devon, and partly because I spent a good portion of that month either […]

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