My Journey into Tech

After having an unintentional break from blogging after a busy period I’m excited to start a new series. This is all going to be able how to navigate the world of IT as a millennial or generation z plus whoever’s next, I’m not claiming to have all the answers but I hope after spending the […]

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AVI Load Balancers-The Beginning

AVI Load Balancers-The Beginning Load Balancers  Load balancers have come a long way since they started from only Layer 4 load balancer services to Layer 7 load balancers we have made leaps and bounds in this area. Starting out what even is load balancing.  This is when a task or process is distributed through resources […]

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NSX-T 3.0 Manual Health Check/ Best Practice Review

NSX-T 3.0 Manual Health Check/ Best Practice Review Quick Disclaimer – This is not supported by or affiliated with VMware. Why do a Manual BPR/ Health Check of NSX-T? Currently, there is no tool that can be used to survey an NSX-T environment, therefore I decided to create my own healthcheck tool. How did I […]

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